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One day in a dream, I saw a little stream. It flowed straight and true, But I had much to do.
At the shore, there was a boat, A boar appeared, I felt a lump in my throat. I ran to the boat in fear, And lost my coat, oh dear!
Though my journey was straight, I found myself running late. I hurried on, full of fury, But a giant wave left me in a hurry.
I was thrown into a cave, But then emerged in a park, so brave. The grass was dark, the trees were red, A strange world, where I was led.
I saw a big calf, half tiger, so fierce, It attacked me, and the crowd drew near. Then came a half-buffalo, half faun, And they both fought, from dusk to dawn.
The people there ate grass, Their clothes made of brass. The world was rare, unlike any other, I felt as if in a dream, my mind did smother.
The flowers there were packed, Their beauty left me so smacked. As I was slapped with more sights to see, I knew this strange world was meant to be.
My sisters were eating lunch, I watched, feeling like a hunch. The slaps were from my mom, a dream storm, And I knew then, I had much to inform.
My sister advised me not to dream during the day, But I knew that in my dreams, I would stay. For I wished to visit that weirdland again, Some day, somehow, I will go again.

— Curious Observer

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