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Sudden senile sentiment, Summoned to swallow the sacred. The tryst with the tempted, Left the husk with dread. The league of unkind, Tampering with the unloved.
A material of testament, Colludes with the unjust. Bark of a barren tree, Burning, broken, and battered. Phenomenal and uncouth, The beetles call it home.
A twisted, nasty mannequin, Twisting the twisted twists of the twisted. Its eyes closed as ever, The world around it void.
It's easy to sway the hearts of many, Easier to enslave their minds. Difficult to make them wise, Impossible to strip their rinds.
Stifling the scars on a random world, In an endless garden, those who have yet to take shape. Deaf eyes and blind ears, Silence is endearing, noise is enchanting.
Vision is enthralling, darkness is entrancing, So is the fate of the perturbed. The sycophancy of the learned, The contempt of the unlearned, It all devours the quiet. The tools better be buried.

— Curious Observer

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