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The Bridge between the Worlds


Here is a little short story I tried to write in first-person perspective. I have been interested in writing in first-person for quite a while now. It does have its own challenges. This one was an attempt inspired by C. S. Lewis' idea of the "Woods between the Worlds" from his Chronicles of Narnia series.

I step cautiously through the dense undergrowth, the smell of damp earth and decaying leaves filling my nostrils. The woods ahead beckon me with an air of mystery, an unknown waiting to be unraveled. Each step brings me deeper into this enchanted realm, a place where the boundaries between worlds blur.
As I move further into the forest, the sound of rustling leaves and the distant hoot of an owl are the only company I have. The eerie silence heightens my senses, making my heart race with anticipation. There is something here, something waiting to be discovered.
My thoughts are interrupted by a voice, soft yet distinct, drifting through the trees. "Hello? Is anyone there?" The voice echoes with a mix of curiosity and caution. I freeze, trying to locate its source. Slowly, I turn around, my eyes scanning the surroundings. And there, standing a few meters away, is another explorer, just like me.
He is a tall man, clad in worn-out hiking gear, his backpack brimming with supplies. His eyes gleam with a sense of wonder, mirroring my own. "You heard it too, didn't you?" he asks, his voice filled with excitement.
I nod, my voice barely a whisper. "Yes, I did. I've been drawn to these woods, to this mystery. It feels like something extraordinary is waiting to be discovered."
A smile creeps across his face, and he extends his hand towards me. "I'm Baccid," he says. "And I think we should explore this together."
Accepting his handshake, I introduce myself. "I'm Ikuly. It's a pleasure to meet someone who shares my curiosity."
As we walk deeper into the woods, Baccid and I discuss the peculiarities of this place. The flora and fauna seem different here, unlike anything we've seen before. The trees possess an otherworldly elegance, their branches entwined like dancers frozen in time. The air carries a sense of magic, crackling with untamed energy.
Our conversation intertwines with our surroundings as we navigate through the undergrowth. The mysteries of these woods fuel our imagination, as we ponder the origin of this ethereal realm. Is it a forgotten corner of our world or a gateway to another?
We stumble upon a clearing, bathed in a soft, golden light. In the center, a peculiar stone formation stands, pulsating with an otherworldly glow. Mesmerized, we approach it cautiously, our hearts pounding in our chests.
As we reach out to touch the mysterious stones, a brilliant flash blinds us, engulfing the entire clearing. When the light subsides, we find ourselves standing in an entirely new landscape, surrounded by unfamiliar landmarks.
Amidst the awe and confusion, Baccid and I exchange glances. "Did we just... cross over?" he asks, his voice tinged with amazement.
I nod, feeling a mix of excitement and trepidation. "It seems like we've stumbled upon a bridge between worlds. This is beyond anything I could have imagined."

— Curious Observer

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