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I am thinking of becoming a prophet!
God came to me in a dream yesterday and said, "Beware of the people who believe in man-made books of illusion and spend their lives abiding by some man who fooled them into believing that it's my book, for they will spell doom for you all." I asked God, "Oh uncle! Then what, pray tell, is the salvation that will keep the doom at bay?" The Lord God said unto me, "Be wise and believe in science, for science and nature are nothing but myself in disguise."
Then I asked my dear lord, "What do you say about my destiny? Is it heaven or hell?" The Lord smiled at me with pity and spelled, "Do not be fooled by idiots who debate their destiny after death. Just remember me and love nature. Take pride in being alive, for being alive is the only truth. Also, to those who spend their precious time in mindless chatter about pointless religious debates, tell them from me that it is my divine message: 'Fook You!'"
I acclimated to my Lord's command and uttered, "As thou wisheth, my Gawwd!"

— Curious Observer

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