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Treading through the corners of those memories, Laden with joy, sorrows, and blank templates, I search for you, me, my apologies.
I find you in there, In the roller coaster of laughter, That rockets at full throttle, On those sleepless nights.
I see your face in the mirrors of happiness; Every face now seems to be yours, Mine isn't even mine anymore, It's just yours that is visible now.
I sense you lurking in the shadows of softness, Drenched in sweat, covered in tears, With a smile on your face, grace concealed, With deep passion and infinite courage, I find myself longing to kiss you.
With your every touch, I am purified more and more, I become simpler, I fall in love more deeply, My passion deepens, My longing to be with you increases.
One day, I will hold you, In a place called home, With some people called family, Love will rise again, From the ashes of any emotion.
The day you love me back, I will be reborn anew, Tracing my fingers on our moments, That have left me loved and asking for more.
I kiss you on your lips at midnight, Under the moon, The stars bear witness to my pleasure, As we become one from two.

— Curious Observer

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