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Thousand dynasties come, thousand dynasties fall. I am the ward of kings, I desire to rule them all. While the terrible trouble abounds, weak men despair, Only the brave and courageous like me, jump to morrow's call.
Withering of snow and melting of rain, Burning of soil, I sow again. I am a farmer's daughter, to toil is a desire, The green of the field kisses me, I plough again.
Someone has a coin, someone has gold, I will take all of them, my task is age-old. I am a thief's wife, our family motto is to steal, I shall have it all, that is our mold.
Abandoned by the kings, they are busy dying in wars, Ignored by the farmers, who cannot see beyond their scars, Robbed by thieves, that didn't leave a single tear, I am a beggar's orphan, I shall die with lips ajar.

— Curious Observer

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