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  • I was in a village-like area with an unpaved road made of soil.

  • I traveled there with a pani puri seller in his jeep.

  • More people climbed into the jeep, making it full.

  • The pani puri seller convinced me that I couldn't go back with him.

  • I decided to walk back on foot.

  • I saw the jeep leaving in the distance and noticed a familiar apartment complex on the horizon.

  • While walking towards it, I suddenly encountered a cliff where the road dropped off.

  • In a panic, I jumped onto the roof of a nearby building.

  • I looked down and saw a slanted riverbed below.

  • The cliff transformed into a small drop in height, and the roof turned into a typical structure found on a riverbed.

  • The apartment complex now appeared much farther away.

  • The supposed riverbed was now just soil.

  • I felt surprised and worried about how to get home.

  • I heard cries and saw someone standing where the cliff used to be, calling out to me and pointing towards the end of the riverbed.

  • The end of the riverbed appeared to drop off again, and there was another slanted riverbed below.

  • Someone was hanging on, crying for help, almost falling.

  • I ran towards him, but he fell before I could catch him.

  • He was lying on the ground, shivering.

  • I found a way down the slanted riverbed towards where he fell, followed by others.

  • Upon reaching the spot, the person had vanished.

  • People started looking for him.

  • I panicked and woke up with a dry mouth, feeling it was a daymare since it occurred around 8-9 AM.

— Curious Observer

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