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Often in life, we do not feel like making decisions for ourselves. It may be because we cannot make the correct choice or we are just afraid of making the choice. If you feel it is fine not to make a decision today because you can always make it tomorrow, think again. There are decisions in life that will not wait for us. If you do not pick, a default option will be picked for you. And it will be done by someone else.
If you don't make decisions for yourself, somebody else will make them for you. You may not agree with the results, and you may not like the decision itself. Yet, it was your decision to leave the decision to someone else by foregoing your own authority over decision-making. Thus, you are solely responsible for the results of the decision and the course that decision takes.
In any scenario, whether you were able to make the decision or not, you will definitely have to go along with the consequences of that decision. It is, thus, more apt to decide for yourself, especially if you do not feel comfortable with the decisions others are going to make for you. Foregoing your right to make a conscious choice also foregoes any right to complain about the consequences of those choices. And the choice to forego your right to make a choice is a choice after all. So the consequences start from the moment someone else is making the choices for you.

— Curious Observer

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